Trending Social Media Channels In 2018

2018 will see the rise of social media applications that have already started paving their way to success in the last year. This year the right social media channel will make your life infinitely easier this. The massive trends in social media are here to make or break your business strategy. By choosing the right channel you can now promote your business to new unforeseeable heights.

With the arrival of a new year, the massive trends in social media have been introduced as well:


Now you can get rid of limitless clutter of information and blocked news feed with the help of banjo- the new android app. Check-in to banjo for organized information according to your site. The entire process is depicted with the help of equipped media professionals and random posts that are filtered from your newsfeed.


Vine is the best channel for you if you are a firm believer in social media marketing and the blooming dub smashes taking over the internet. With the help of a video strategy and continuous innovation, the Vine has quickly become the ladder towards new social media heights. It has become an original classical way in which to create a new reality in the confines of your comfort zone.


Learnist is the new Pinterest. This is where you go to see what you read. Learnist is the place where the wise become mightier and share their content with those in need. Acting in the capacity of websites like Goodreads, the Learnist also provides the user the opportunity to build personal libraries.


From politicians to celebrities, all of your favorite personalities are now joining this viral software application.  Not only this, the hype created around Snapchat has been around throughout last year and has finally reached new, incredible heights.


LinkedIn has provided a growth for careers and a platform to make new professional connections. Not only is LinkedIn a better way to act as a professional but it has links with several online job applicant websites which allow its users to import their CVs. LinkedIn provides you a chance to connect with over 360 million of its users by creating a detailed profile, and adding connection to your circle. The LinkedIn groups and publishing platforms now allow the users to blog or publish articles related to their field, allowing them to expand their network.


What we are able to see from this rapid expansion of social media applications, is the purchase of one social media channel by the unfortunate demise of the other. Consequently, it is the innovation that lingers in the users mind for a prolonged period of time.

If pinning or posting is what make or breaks a business, then it is advisable to let your business strategy be more productive with better social media channels. The Internet has proven to be anything but monotonous, from live streaming to Tweets and Wall posts, 2018 is going to be an exciting year for social media.

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