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Sales Funnels


Convertri is a blazingly-fast page and funnel builder with pre-made landing page templates. This is a cheaper and better alternative to ClickFunnels for landing pages. This platform is constantly improving with brand new features added almost every month If you need to build a funnel quick and easily, this is the only funnel builder you'll need.

Web Hosting


Cloudways have one of the cheapest Virtual Private Server(VPS) around. Utilizing Cloudways VPS with the Breeze Cache plugins allows you the ability to load your sites faster than most hosting. You could have your very own VPS for as cheap as $ 10/ month!

Email Marketing and Lead Capture


Convertfox is essentially an email marketing platform with integrated livechat. What makes Convertfox different from other email platforms is that it is able to track your customers actions and from there provide very detailed useful analytics. The higher tiers have integrated chat bots, knowledge base, marketing automation and event visualizer. Convertfox has a free tier for you to try out with up to 500 contacts.

Link Shortener and Lead Capture is a link-shortener service similar to and other platforms. What makes this platform stands out is it's ability to collect your customer's email(with consent of course) as well as adding a retargeting pixel to anyone that clicks the link. This makes it useful if you need to retarget your audience with facebook ads.

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