Page Builders and Funnel Builders: What You Need to Know

A page builder is a software that makes it easy to build sales pages, download pages, etc. to sell your digital or physical products online. A funnel builder is a software that allows you to connect several sales pages to take your customer through a sales funnel.
Most funnel builders are page builders but not all page builders are funnel builders. For example, OptimizePress is a page builder. You can create beautiful pages with it, but you’ll have to plan out the funnel on paper or on another tool and connect it all together yourself. You can’t draft an outline of your funnel on OptimizePress.
Convertri, however, is a page builder and a funnel builder. You can draw up your funnel on the interface and move around the diagrams to have a clear visual representation of exactly what your funnel will look like and connecting them all together is easy. This brings us to the first point.

1. Can You Use It Easily?

When purchasing a page builder or funnel builder, you need to ensure that it’s easy to use. As mentioned in the earlier example, Convertri makes it much easier to build a sales funnel, whereas OptimizePress only allows you to build sales pages.
The page building feature matters too. While OptimizePress and ClickFunnels use a block-based editor, Convertri’s page builder uses ‘drag and drop’, which makes it extremely easy to design a sales page. Even absolute newbies can design an attractive page in minutes.
Most good page builders will have ready to use templates. OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages and Convertri have templates for a variety of pages from opt in pages to sales pages. So, when choosing a page builder/funnel builder, pick one that has templates for you to edit.

2. How Fast Do Pages Load?

When it comes to sales pages, you want your pages to load as fast as possible. This will increase conversions and get you more sales.
To do this, your page builder must be built with code that’s clean and the hosting should be fast.
In this area, Convertri beats all its competitors hands down. This can be tested using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool:
If you’re looking for speed, you don’t need to look further than Convertri.

3. Is It Self-Hosted or Hosted by the Company?

Unlike OptimizePress where you’ll need your own website and have to host your own pages, with ClickFunnels and Convertri, your pages will be hosted on their servers.
This is one reason why Convertri is so fast. While Convertri and ClickFunnels are recurring payments, even newbies can use them to make sales without having to build their own website. 
Since all pages are hosted with them, you can just use a subdomain on their site and make sales. It’s a definite time-saver if you want to make money quickly online without going through the whole learning curve and setting up a blog, etc.

4. Is It Mobile Responsive?

Tons of people make purchases through their mobile phone. In fact, if your sales pages are not mobile responsive, you’ll definitely be losing sales. Ensure that your page builder creates pages that are mobile responsive.
Once again, Convertri shines in this respect. Their pages are ‘mobile specific’, and that means you can get your pages to look exactly like how you want them to for mobile without affecting how they’d look on a normal computer. So, your mobile responsive page can look different and that helps with conversions.

5. How Easy Is Split Testing?

Convertri, Leadpages and ClickFunnels provide split testing and conversion statistics are easily available. That makes it easy for the user to test and see what’s working. 
If you’re using a page builder plugin that’s hosted on your own site, you’ll need to set up your own split testing tracking IDs and it can be a hassle. It’s definitely easier to go with funnel builders like Convertri when split testing and improving conversions.

6. Is It Affordable?

Affordability is a very personal choice. The marketer earning six figures a month will have no problem forking out $297 a month for ClickFunnels. The beginner who is only making a few sales will find this pricing a bitter pill to swallow and be better off choosing Convertri, which currently costs $53 a month and offers most of the features they need.

7. What’s Support Like?

Most of the reliable funnel builders provide excellent support. It’s in their best interest to keep their customers happy. Convertri’s support is great.
Do note that if you’re using plugins such as OptimizePress, etc. these software are often one-time payments that include a year of support. After that, you may need to pay for another year of support and on and on. So technically, the support is a recurring fee even though the software is a one-off cost.

8. What Does the Plan Include?

Before purchasing any funnel builder or page builder, do check out all the features that will come with the plan (if you’re paying monthly or annually). Decide if it will fit in with your budget and if you really even need all the features in the first place.
There is no point in paying more for a plan that is expensive and bloated with features that you’ll not currently need. It’s best to choose a ‘lighter’ plan and once you start making money online, you can upgrade to the advanced plans that have more bells and whistles.
If you’re just starting off, Convertri is probably the best page builder to get because it’s fast, affordable, builds funnels, is easy to use… and is scalable. It’ll be able to grow with your business. Take a look at it today and you’ll probably never look back.
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