How to ‘Borrow’ Your Way to 110 MILLION Unique Monthly Visitors

The Huffington Post gets an estimated mind boggling 110 million unique monthly visitors. Not only that, but they also publish some of the most viral articles on the Internet. So how do they do it?


By aggregating (ie: ‘borrowing’) content from other websites.


HuffPost finds great articles published elsewhere, and then collects those articles to their own website.


True, they also employ people to write great content. But no one can write as much content – and as much GREAT content – as HuffPost publishes.


The result of all this hunting the greatest posts and publishing them on their own site results in an almost ridiculous amount of social sharing and tremendous popularity.


Want to duplicate their success on a smaller scale?


First find great articles on other people’s websites and get their permission to reprint them on your site.


Next, invite bloggers to guest post on your site.


And last, think about offering your own content for syndication to other websites. There are even syndication networks you can join to help get your content on other sites, and find content for your own site. Here are a few to check out:






Simple Reach 






Who knows – you might just grow your own website into the next Huffington Post. Now wouldn’t that be something?!


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