"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." -- Sir Edmund Hillary


This is GuidingFox, a website empowered to help and guide fellow entrepreneurs get a headstart to online business success.

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Who we are and what we can help you with

Hello and a warm welcome from GuidingFox! 

I’m Desmond,a Solopreneur and an Affiliate marketer. The main goal of GuidingFox is to guide and help fellow entrepreneurs achieve success in their online business. 

Starting an online business initially can be very overwhelming with various “gurus” and many online training out there on the web. When i first started venturing into earning online, multiple courses and training promoted how easy it is to start earning online. I can tell you now that it only starts to get “easy” if you put in a lot of effort implementing a proven blueprint and building a sustainable online business. 

To top it up, not all the training available online is proven or even remotely work. There are tons of outdated training and software available online that turns out to be useless. I failed, stumbled and messed up when I was first starting out online due to information overload and “shiny object syndrome”. 

Going through what had been a overwhelming start to digital marketing, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the same process wasting time and money before earning their first dollar. 

Hence, this is why this blog is created; to provide free valuable training,tips and tricks to help you on earning your first online income.

Occasionally, i would share reviews on good software and training that works. Once in a while, i would share as well as what I’m using/implementing that could also be useful for your online venture. 

If you would like me to start helping you, start filling in the 1-minute survey on the left and i’ll send you a free plugin or e-book of your choice. Alternatively, click GuidingBot on the bottom left and request to receive updates from us through email and facebook messenger.

If you would like to get in touch, my email is [email protected] That’s all from me. Thanks and have a good day wherever you are in the world ! 🙂 

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Alternatively, you could contact me by clicking here at our support desk or use the livechat button on this site and i’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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Desmond Poh


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