6 Reasons No One is Clicking on Your Banner Ads

As of today, people are tired of noticing the interrupting banner ads while surfing, searching or reading.  What could be the reasons they don’t find the banner ads interesting enough to look into? Let’s go through six major reasons.

  • Immateriality

The major reason why the audience ignores the banner ads is that the information delivered to them is irrelevant. For example, the website they’re looking for is of a student help center and the banner ads shown exhibit dating sites. It is completely a wrong match of the ad with the target audience.

  • Absence of Marque

The presence of a label on the banner ad gives an impression of liability and professionalism. Most of the banner ads today do not represent the brand name to the target audience. The absence of marque gives the audience the idea that your platform is disreputable and inappropriate to try out.

  • Overlapping too many shades

Plying and contrasting more than two colors, makes the banner ad look really unpleasant and less engrossing. The strong neon colors make it look even more boring to the viewers as the inviting charm is lost. In result the ad fails to input enough confidence in the audience to click on it.

  • Inactive Mobile Optimization

The website you are showcasing on the banner ad is not mobile optimized, which forces the audience to simply ignore the ad or in worst cases use the ad-blocking technology on their mobile phones. In case they click on the banner ad, either it fails to open or some other on-click ad pops up, frustrating the viewer at the end.

  • Hefty Illusion Movements

It’s fine to use animation in your banner ad, but too much of it creates confusion for the viewers and they have no idea on where to click. Absence of static ads and excess of flashing buttons, images and text makes it hard for the viewer to stick to your banner ad.

  • Congested Banner

The banner ads that display more than one image, details that are not needed, contact information, website links and policies are entirely unexciting. Do you think the reader will be bothered to find out more by clicking after you’ve already given too many details on the ad? Such congested banner is considered as a bad designed and does not receive the appropriate number of clicks.

There you have it all. Try what is suggested above with your next banners and see the differences in clicks!

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